Education Services

Education is reliant on quality educators and resources. It is also reliant on electricity. We recognise the needs of educational institutions and have a specific focus on meeting the needs of pre-schools, schools, and higher educational facilities.

Offering end to end services, from network connections to equipment repairs, Horizon is a one stop shop for all education related electrical needs.

We have specialty knowledge in all things electrical including data cabling, security systems, air conditioning and facilities management. It is understood that in the education setting there are often many small jobs such as replacing light bulbs and resetting alarm codes. This is all part of what distinguishes Horizon from others.

A strong team of designers, estimators, installers, electricians and lines specialists is supported by robust systems to ensure a job gets the focus and priority it deserves from start to finish.

We are focussed on serving our community. The educational community deserves to have uninterrupted power supply and support for its electrical equipment. We are well regarded for the services we offer in this area.