Street Lighting

One of the community’s largest and most important electrical assets is the street lighting network. We manage this for several large Councils and roading authorities and have the expertise to maintain the network to high standards. With the ability to work on live wires, we can minimise disruption to the network.

Working with overhead and underground lines is a specialty of Horizon. Equipped with the latest technology to work with live power lines, we can operate with minimal disruption to your life.

We understand the relative advantages of overhead and underground power supply and will make sure you get the right solution.

Underground interruptions may be less frequent, but typically last longer due to more complex repair requirements. While underground facilities are not as susceptible to wind and debris-blown damage, they are more susceptible to water intrusion and local flood damage, which can make repairs more time consuming and costly.

Overhead facility damage is easier to locate than underground and can generally be repaired quicker, but overhead lines are more susceptible to weather events, and obviously there is the visual factor! We all want electricity to invisibly support our lives without those unsightly overhead cables.

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