Cable Location

Underground cables are potential hazards if you are digging. We offer quick and efficient locations of cables to ensure that you can get on with your ground works without impediment.

You should not undertake any excavations which may be in close proximity to cables without first contacting us on 0800 Horizon – 0800 467 496 to determine their exact location.

Most cables or overhead wires located inside the boundary of your property are known as mains or service lines or cables. They are owned by you and as such are your responsibility.

Any digging required for building, fencing, planting trees etc in the vicinity of the mains or service cables is dangerous unless you know where they are. We can visit your property and locate the cables to enable you to dig safely.

If the cables are owned by Horizon Energy, we have plans showing their location. If the plans can accurately determine the cable location, copies of the plans can be made available free of charge.

For advice please contact us on 0800 Horizon – 0800 467 496 or use our contact form.

If you intend conducting work where you are likely to come within 4 metres of overhead lines please call us for advice.

Contact us about Cable Location