Vegetation Management

Electricity and trees do not play well together. Trees touching power lines cause outages. They can also pose a major hazard by conducting electricity, with the potential of causing injury or even death if someone touches the tree.

As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping the trees on your property clear of the power lines that run inside or near your property. You can be held liable if your trees cause damage to the electricity network!

So what can you do?  You could always get the power turned off for a few hours and call in an arborist to trim back your trees for you. That will mean shutting down your business or sitting in a dark home while the work is done. If your tree is growing near a main network line then you will need an approved utility arborist, because the lines can’t be turned off.

A better idea is…call Horizon. Horizon staff have the training; the skills and the equipment to deal with your trees while leaving all lines live – meaning no disruption for your home or business. If you need any other vegetation clearance work done while Horizon is on site, that can be undertaken at the same time.

Don’t let your trees take out your power supply.  Call Horizon.

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