Wiring, Lighting, New Connections

We pride ourselves on even the smallest of electrical requirements.  Whether it is a power point, a light, a new meter box or new connection, we are responsive to your needs.  We handle both low and high voltage power supplies so one team can meet all of your requirements.

Dealing with your wiring and cabling can be a scary task. If you are not experienced on dealing with electrical wiring, you have very good reasons to be cautious. Wiring can get complicated and can be dangerous if not done the right way.

We have extensive experience with electrical wiring, from lighting and equipment installation to the most complex rewiring projects.  Our skilled and licensed electricians will take care of all your wiring needs.

We are a full service electrical services company. We can help you with all your electrical needs, including your wiring and cabling.

Contact us about wiring, lighting and new connections.