Horizon receives numerous requests for sponsorship. We have established guidelines to ensure we make the best sponsorship decisions for the community and the company.

Horizon is committed to sponsoring a broad cross-section of interests throughout the region.


Horizon carefully considers all sponsorship proposals to ensure they meet its business, community and marketing goals. Arrangements that offer the potential for long-term commercial relationships are preferred. We welcome the chance to explore sponsorships with existing clients and key business targets, but also seek sponsorships that present the company with unique or special opportunities.

Horizon will sponsor events that are interesting and will attract our target audience. Generally Horizon will take the position of sole sponsor with naming rights, however Horizon will consider joint sponsorship with certain organisations that match Horizon’s client, prospect and stakeholder profiles.

When making sponsorship commitments, Horizon seeks to establish robust measurement and assessment procedures to ensure an appropriate return on investment. Horizon is therefore interested in forming partnerships with organisations that understand the importance of delivering exceptional value.

Horizon will not sponsor:

  • One-off events unless Horizon is the major sponsor and will get media profile (or the attendees will support the sponsor).
  • Something that is long running that either has a name of its own or is tied in historically with another’s brand.
  • Events that Horizon is not going to attend.


Sponsorships should pass the majority of filters which have been established to achieve qualifying criteria. The areas which Horizon currently has greatest interest in are:

  • Sport involving 5-12 year olds (and their parents)
  • School activities relating to sport
  • Clearly defined associations with its targeted market segments. Horizon’s focus is to be the naming right sponsor of the whole event or a segment which ties into the sport youth or key market segments.

Applying for Sponsorship

If you are interested in approaching Horizon for sponsorship, please either fill out the online Sponsorship Application form or request a hard copy by calling 0800 HORIZON – 0800 467 496.

Supporting documentation such as proposal documents can also be attached to your application. Sponsorship approaches will not be formally considered without a completed Sponsorship Application Form.


While this is not always possible, Horizon appreciates receiving sponsorship proposals with a minimum lead time of three months. Applicants will be notified in writing shortly after final decisions are made and successful applicants will be asked to enter into signed formal agreements.

Performance of Sponsorships and Benefits

A schedule of agreed benefits and performance expectations will be agreed to with each sponsored organisation. These may include:

  • Signage and profile.
  • Regular reporting and feedback.
  • Participation of key Horizon stakeholders at quantified number of events.
  • Market recognition of the firm’s support.
  • Access to other sponsor organisations.
  • Access to key stakeholders.

Signage Criteria

Every sponsored event will have strong presence of Horizon branding. At any event where Horizon is a sponsor the following signage is to be displayed:

  • Where a stand/podium (indoors) is utilised: Two roll-up banners (one each side of stage) and a roll-up banner in the foyer.
  • Two wind blades are to be erected at the entrance to the event.
  • Corflute signage is to be displayed at strategic vantage points around the event.