Consumer Responsibilities

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that as a property owner you are responsible for the maintenance of the electricity lines on your property. The lines company owns the lines and equipment up to the point of supply, which is generally a fuse at the top of the pole or in a service pillar or pit on your boundary.

You probably own all equipment on your property except for a few items such as meters and hot water relays, which are the responsibility of your electricity retailer. If you own an industrial or rural site then you may well own and maintain the high voltage overhead lines and underground cables on your property also.

Along with this ownership comes the responsibility to maintain those assets. That means making sure they stay in good condition, that they are not put at risk by trees or any building works you may undertake. You are also responsible for ensuring that your connection does not in any way interfere with the quality of supply taken from the network by other customers.

At Horizon we can help you with these responsibilities. We can do an assessment of the lines and equipment on your property to check its condition and any associated risks. We can set up an ongoing maintenance program for you, and can even advise you on whether you should look at installing any backup systems like a generator. Best of all, we can work on live lines, meaning that if you need some offending trees to be cut back, or other work to be undertaken near lines, then we can do it, while your power stays on! Live lines servicing is vital for anyone whose livelihood relies on the power staying on.