Tree Maintenance Responsibilities

If you own trees (i.e if they are on your property), you are legally required to ensure your trees do not grow too close to electricity network lines, or to the service lines running across your property.

Trees and vegetation growing in the power lines can cause outages to your power supply. Branches touching or near the lines cause interruptions and fluctuations to your power, particularly during strong winds. Trees touching power lines are a safety hazard, with the potential of causing injury or even death by electrocution if someone touches the tree.

As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping your trees on your property clear of the lines that run inside your property. This also includes trees that reach over your property boundary and encroach on lines in the roadside reserve.

If you have noticed that your trees are encroaching on the lines, or if you have received a letter informing you of the problem, you should attend to the problem immediately by calling us on 0800 HORIZON – 0800 467 496. We can deal with the problem while leaving your lines live – meaning no disruption for your home or business.